Grosvenor has recently revealed that leveltap, the innovative Esports concept with a competitive-socialising focus, has opened its first physical location at Liverpool ONE’s Hanover Street.

Boasting a sprawling 6,500 sq ft space, leveltap offers an interactive and experience-driven venue for gaming and spectating, marking the advent of a standalone Esports venue in Liverpool. Designed to cater to a broad spectrum of gamers, the venue hosts numerous competitive titles across a diverse range of genres including FPS, Sports and Racing, RPG’s, Strategy, and Party games. leveltap Liverpool ONE also broadcasts global live events such as the Call of Duty League and League of Legends’ World Championship, thereby connecting Liverpool, hailed as the UK’s most sociable city, to the worldwide Esports community.


In a strategic collaboration with premier tech industry suppliers, leveltap’s two-storey venue is equipped with ten custom-built console stations, each housing a Nintendo Switch along with a PS5 or an Xbox Series X. Other gaming amenities include two racing simulators and 20 PCs. An additional mezzanine area offers a space for streamers and competing teams to broadcast their gameplay onto projectors scattered throughout the venue.

The ground floor boasts a spacious lounge area complemented by a bar and dining tables, as well as an ‘arena’ capable of accommodating over 100 people. Visitors can indulge in a variety of gaming-themed cocktails like AFKZombie, Up All Night, Quick Revive, and Cool Down, in addition to shakes, seltzers, draught and bottled beer, wine, and soft drinks. Culinary delights on offer include pizza slices, sides, snacks, and sundaes.

Adam Rydings, the founder of leveltap and a finance director for a publicly listed overseas Esports brand, remarked, “Liverpool ONE is the ideal location to launch our debut site for leveltap, given its central location in one of the UK’s most sociable cities, and its reputation for embracing Liverpool’s innovation. We are elated to welcome Esports enthusiasts and the wider community. Whether you are a seasoned Esports competitor, an avid spectator, or someone who enjoys the ambiance while sipping an Esports-themed cocktail, leveltap Liverpool ONE is the ultimate destination for gaming in the city.”

Rob Deacon, Senior Asset Manager at Grosvenor, echoed similar sentiments: “The launch of leveltap marks a unique addition to Liverpool ONE, offering another compelling reason to visit or extend a trip to the destination. As the first standalone Esports venue in the city, leveltap bolsters Liverpool ONE’s standing as the UK’s leading retail and entertainment destination, and we are delighted to host such a milestone in leveltap’s journey.”

leveltap’s launch is among a wave of new openings at Liverpool ONE, including local independent coffee company, Bean Coffee Roasters. The brand’s relocation and expansion serve as a testament to Liverpool ONE’s ongoing commitment to fostering local businesses.

Both Liverpool ONE and leveltap were represented by Metis and Starka, respectively.