Hospitality lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere and enhancing the overall guest experience. Lighting can help retailers create immersive brand experiences which helps them tap into customer emotions. Customers can feel more connected to a brand’s values and feel things like, for example, excitement, calm or belonging.  By tapping into emotions, companies create experiences that are enjoyable, memorable, meaningful, and desirable, all things which drive a deeper connection with the brand and encourage repeat experiences.

One brand that Shoplight has recently worked with that does this very well is HOP. Find this vibrant bright Vietnamese street-food flagship destination in West One, Bond Street Station, London.

Hop Vietnamese, Bond St Station LondonImage: Save As Studio
Hop Vietnamese, Bond St Station London Image: Save As Studio

Ambience and flexibility

Since different areas of a hospitality space may need different lighting levels and colours to create the desired mood, the lighting design needs to match the desired character and atmosphere of each space. This flexibility is important in hospitality spaces which often need to adapt to different functions throughout the day.


HOP wanted to control the ambient lighting between night and day, so Shoplight supplied an adjustable and dimmable lighting system controlled through Casambi Bluetooth. Casambi control systems and automation allow easy adjustments of brightness, colour, and timing. This allowed HOP to have two different settings – a brighter day setting and a lower light night setting.

Hop Vietnamese, Bond St Station LondonImage: Save As Studio
Hop Vietnamese, Bond St Station London Image: Save As Studio

Uniformity and consistency

The lighting design needs to provide even illumination throughout the space, avoiding inconsistencies and uncomfortable shadows which can negatively affect the overall customer experience.

HOP uses functional zones for ordering, collecting and dining, which were created through the use of bold colour and impactful lighting. Shoplight supplied traditional lanterns, light boxes, and frosted festoon string lights to bring their Southeast Asian design to life. Adding decorative lighting fixtures provided key focal points within these zones.

Hop Vietnamese, Bond St Station London
Hop Vietnamese, Bond St Station, London Image: Save As Studio

Colour temperature and contrast

Colour temperature refers to the warmth or coolness of the light emitted by a source, typically measured in Kelvin (K). In hospitality, warmer more inviting white light, between 2700K and 3000K tends to be used.

“We went for 3000K for HOP as this store is predominantly red in colour with some yellow. A warmer temperature complemented their Eastern aesthetic and created inviting and lively reflections of modern-day Vietnam. They also feature lots of pendants and lightboxes, so it was a fine balance to ensure our spots contrasted on the tables, counters and floors but also blend in with the other lighting features overhead.” Samantha Adams, Lighting Designer

In fact, one of the biggest challenges of this project was providing so many different types of light and ensuring it all connected through the Casambi Bluetooth system whilst achieving the desired look and feel.

It was great to partner with brand communications and experience designers, YourStudio, and Decon Project Management who provide project management and cost control for the retail and hospitality sector. It’s fantastic to have been able to meet the required timeframes and offer a flexible approach whilst supplying a lighting system that met the design requirements.