The Westin London City proudly announces its latest collaboration with esteemed British artist and architectural designer Victoria Noakes. 

Unveiling a powerful installation that pays homage to the iconic River Thames, in a bid to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the river and its ecosystem, Victoria has created a compelling interpretation of the river’s essence, inviting guests to embark on a journey of discovery and contemplation. Noakes boasts an impressive portfolio and has worked internationally with renowned brands and designers. Victoria was commissioned by the Tate Modern to run a creative workshop on the foreshore of the River Thames. 

The installation, located in the hotel’s lobby Haven, and running from June to September, will be a place for guests to reflect, and serve as a central theme for all activities taking place at the hotel throughout the summer. These activities, designed for kids and adults, will include mindful walks along the Thames, sustainability educational events, sound baths and meditation, and more.  


The installation has been meticulously crafted with sustainability in mind. The objective was to design an installation that not only promotes sustainability but which has also minimal impact on the environment. The structure is made of metal that is repeatedly recycled, with part of the fabric created from banana fiber that is dyed using water-based dyes, making it fully compostable. The fabrics used to recreate the corals are sourced from deadstock fabric and the wood is recycled from previous projects, promoting reuse. This dedication to sustainability underscores every aspect of the installation, showcasing The Westin London City commitment to environmentally conscious practices, and bid to educate visitors on their surrounding environment. 

In line with the new installation, The Westin are thrilled to introduce a new spa offering to celebrate its arrival; Ultimate Wave of Serenity. This luxurious 60-minute treatment is meticulously designed to elevate hydration levels and provide unparalleled relaxation. Commencing with a stimulating marine algae exfoliation, this is packed with anti-oxidant properties that will smooth the skin and stimulate circulation for an all-over healthy glow. The session concludes with a refreshing sea water mist, leaving the body hydrated and the mind and soul in a state of complete well-being. 

Victoria Noakes comments: “Sustainability involves more than just materials, it’s about adopting a holistic lifestyle approach. This playful collaboration with Veevers Carter and The Westin City London was interesting because we shared a commitment to deliver a sustainable and immersive educational installation which encourages audiences to pause and to reflect on their connection with the wider water cycle. May it be our inner waters, the River Thames or the Pacific Ocean!” 

General Manager Raffaele Ruocco comments: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Victoria Noakes for this exciting installation, which celebrates the enduring connection between The Westin London City and the majestic River Thames. Victoria’s passion for the river and her profound understanding of its significance to Londoners makes her the perfect collaborator for this project. Together, we aim to create a captivating experience that resonates with our guests on a deeply emotional level, and helps shed light on the importance of the river’s damaged ecosystem.”