A shining new presence, Polly Goudvisch beckons visitors to cross the river IJ. This two-storey bar and restaurant is visible from the Amsterdam Central Station ferry, and upon arrival, the Polly logo and spacious terrace offer a warm welcome.

Polly is the latest addition to the Goudvisch family, a collection of bars spread throughout Amsterdam. Marking the family’s first venture into the city’s north, Polly is a seamless blend of tradition and contemporary design. With an atmosphere reminiscent of your favourite aunt’s home, the interior showcases traditional Amsterdam brown café elements, such as wooden panelling, brass and copper accents, and intricately crafted woodwork.


Nestled in North Amsterdam, the 230m2 + 170m2 interior and 332m2 terrace venue opened its doors in April 2023, bringing an enchanting dining experience to the area. Designed by the talented team at Studio Modijefsky, this captivating establishment showcases an artistic blend of traditional and modern elements, inviting visitors to indulge in its unique atmosphere and delightful culinary offerings.

The bar, the heart of Polly, boasts a stunning array of materials and meticulous details. The floor transitions from wood to black and white terrazzo as you approach, with light spheres casting a gentle glow from above. The bar features warm earthy tones, Goudvisch logo details, and a mix of materials, such as coloured marbles, wood, and copper. Burnt orange glossy tiles adorn the two pillars, while circular plateaus offer a convenient place to rest wine and water glasses.

The ceiling captures the eye with its multicoloured texture and neon light framing the bar. In front of the mirrored wall, a marble liquor tower showcases various spirits. The terrazzo floor continues to the kitchen service area and bread and wine station, which are made of dark oak wood, tiled corners, and marble tops. High tables with copper fishtail rounded sides and twisted legs connect the bar to the windows overlooking the terrace and river IJ.

The restaurant is a long yet intimate space, with one open area and several small interconnected spaces, each with its unique ambience. Custom-made sofas, furniture, different wall finishes, and bespoke light fixtures adorn each of the smaller spaces. Wood-finished tables with high gloss purple accents are dispersed throughout the area.

A secluded corner of the restaurant features custom-made sofa seats, with a tapestry of rich upholstery textures and twisted walnut oak legs, paying homage to the Amsterdam brown café. Goudvisch’s signature orb lights, with unique wooden backplates in the shape of a tail, wrap around the columns, creating a distinct character for the restaurant.

The terrace, covered with colourful parasols, is bordered by a custom-made foldable wooden windscreen with the Polly Goudvisch logo. Custom benches with round and heart-shaped table tops feature the Goudvisch logo tail in their design, with warmer-toned wood used to create a fan-shaped pattern on the terrace tables and extra service point. Planters integrated into the terrace design create a cosy, backyard feel. The spacious terrace offers a beautiful view of the river IJ and serves as the entrance to Polly.

The back terrace, a more intimate space, has the same parasols but with a different colour scheme. Benches and tables continue the Goudvisch logo theme. Upstairs, a large open attic is available for private events and celebrations. The original beams and vintage chairs around long wooden tables contribute to the welcoming family atmosphere that permeates Polly.

With an array of options for any occasion, from casual drinks to weddings, Polly Goudvisch entices more visitors to cross the river IJ and experience its charm. Just be careful not to miss the last ferry back after a night of revelry!

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