The Crown Estate is poised to enhance its West End culinary offerings with the opening of two new establishments: Sael, a British brasserie by Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton, and Claro, an Eastern Mediterranean eatery focusing on farm-to-table cuisine.

Sael, set within the prestigious St James’s Market, will immerse patrons in British culture, with a menu exclusively featuring ingredients sourced from the British Isles and furnishings that celebrate domestic craftsmanship. This initiative is the brainchild of renowned chef Jason Atherton and his wife Ihra Atherton, aiming to create a hub of British gastronomy that attracts both locals and tourists. Under the leadership of Chef Dale Bainbridge, who has collaborated with Jason Atherton for over a decade, Sael is expected to open its doors in the summer of 2024 at 1 Carlton Street, St James’s Market.

St James’s Market

A short distance away, at 12 Waterloo Place, the well-known restaurant and catering group Claro will introduce their flagship location outside the Middle East. Slated for an autumn 2024 opening, Claro London will offer a refined interpretation of Eastern Mediterranean dishes, crafted by partner and Chef Patron Ran Shmueli. Emphasizing fresh, local produce and top-quality ingredients, the venue will boast an open kitchen and diverse seating options including a bar, outdoor space, and private rooms, catering to a variety of dining experiences from lunch and dinner to weekend brunch.

Partner and Chef Patron Ran Shmueli.
Slated for an autumn 2024 opening, Claro London will offer a refined interpretation of Eastern Mediterranean dishes, crafted by partner and Chef Patron Ran Shmueli.

In addition to these dining experiences, the speciality coffee brand Kiss the Hippo is expanding its presence with a new café at 3 New Burlington Street. Since its inception in June 2018, Kiss the Hippo has been committed to producing high-quality, ethically sourced coffee, now bringing their unique offering to Mayfair with their eighth location.

Richard Ellwood, Head of Customer Partnerships and Marketing at The Crown Estate, expressed enthusiasm for the new additions, stating, “These two exciting new restaurants brilliantly complement our burgeoning line-up of world-class restaurants in the West End. With one showcasing the very best of British cuisine, and the other bringing a refined taste of the Eastern Mediterranean to the historic heart of the Capital, both are well-placed to attract diners from London and further afield.”

Jason and Ihra Atherton shared their excitement about Sael: “To be able to work with The Crown Estate in such a location on a quintessentially British-style brasserie is a dream of ours, delivering affordable, no-holds-barred cooking to the British public and international visitors. We feel that, after four unsettled years during and following the pandemic, Sael will provide a much-needed celebration of all the amazing culinary delights from our Isles.”

Chef Ran Shmueli of Claro added, “We are very excited to open Claro in London, which is a culinary centre and a great challenge for us. We are looking forward to working closely with local farmers and artisan producers and serving our seasonal happy food in the beautiful capital of the UK.”

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