The latest addition to Fitzrovia’s vibrant dining scene, all’onda, is now welcoming diners on Charlotte Street. This new fine dining destination is helmed by Head Chef Andrea Granzarolo, whose impressive culinary pedigree includes a six-year stint with Hélène Darroze, along with roles at The Greenhouse and The Square. General Manager Marco Montalbano, with previous experience at Muse by Tom Aikens, oversees a seamless front of house operation.

Originating from Lombardy, Italy, Chef Granzarolo brings a sophisticated flair to traditional Italian dishes, with a particular focus on risotto. At all’onda, he expertly merges his profound understanding of this classic dish with innovative culinary techniques to highlight seasonal British produce. The menu, developed in collaboration with founder Cordula Schulz, features an array of risotto variations. Diners can enjoy everything from a traditional risotto alla Milanese to more inventive offerings like a Venetian risotto al nero di seppia, enhanced with cuttlefish ink and ‘nduja, and an artichoke risotto accented with coffee, black lime, and sweetbreads.

Head Chef Andrea Granzarolo – Image: Anton Rodriguez


The dining experience begins with a selection of vibrant starters, including sea bream crudo complemented by fennel, radish, citrus, and yuzu kosho, and beef tartaccio—a creative blend of tartare and carpaccio—with smoked soy, parmesan, and parsley. The risotti, which are the heart of the menu, are accompanied by three rotating main courses. The current selection includes Barbecued Cornish turbot with verbena, matcha, lardo, and green asparagus; Roast chicken paired with carrot, kalamansi, and brioche; and Glazed aubergine with tomato, white miso, and sesame. For dessert, intricacies such as Strawberry with mascarpone, pink peppercorn, and lemon balm, and a Chocolate mousse crafted from Araguani 72% Venezuela Valrhona Chocolate, provide a sweet finale. Additionally, a selection of artisan cheeses is available for those preferring a savoury end to their meal.

The beverage offerings at all’onda are just as thoughtfully curated, featuring innovative cocktails like the all’onda Martini with green apple and absinthe mist, and a White Negroni with plum sake. The wine list is predominantly sourced from Italy and France, showcasing exquisite selections such as the Impero Blanc de Pinot Noir (2021) by the Mancini family in Marche, and Amarone della Valpolicella (2018) from Veneto.

The phrase all’onda, meaning ‘on the wave’ in Italian, aptly describes the restaurant’s approach to cooking risotto, where the rice is gently tossed to achieve a smooth, wave-like texture. This technique is emblematic of the restaurant’s dedication to refining and reimagining the traditional risotto, using it as a canvas to explore vibrant seasonal flavours and textures.

all’onda is a reflection of Schulz’s long-standing passion for risotto, crafted from years of preparing the dish for friends and family. The restaurant, with its 42 covers, features a refined yet relaxed atmosphere, where dark wood surfaces, elegant detailing, and warm lighting create an inviting space. Subtle curved elements throughout the restaurant pay homage to its name, while vibrant floral arrangements and a bespoke rice grain sculpture from Japan add unique touches to the elegant dining environment.

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