Liverpool is gearing up for a major upgrade in its go-karting scene with the introduction of Combat Karts at TeamSport Liverpool, setting a new benchmark for indoor go-karting experiences. Slated for launch on 29th March, this initiative represents a significant leap forward, blending high-speed karting action with the interactive world of augmented reality (AR) gaming. Situated in a newly renovated venue, this attraction is poised to offer a mix of adrenaline-fueled racing and cutting-edge gaming experiences.

The site’s transformation followed a period of closure to facilitate the electrification of its karts, paving the way for the introduction of Combat Karts. This concept marries the thrill of traditional go-karting with the dynamics of AR gaming, creating a multidimensional racing experience. Targeting a wide audience range including gamers, adrenaline seekers, and families, Combat Karts promises real-time interaction between players through in-game power-ups and rival challenges, heralding a novel experience in the karting world.

Combat Karts is tailored for participants aged 13 and upwards, merging the physicality of kart racing with virtual enhancements such as Turbo, Blast, Bomb, Shield, and Power+. This integration requires players to employ both strategy and skillful driving, navigating a circuit devoid of physical barriers while managing virtual power-ups and weapons. The karts, equipped with advanced technology, are designed to simulate real-life racing sensations, adding an extra layer of excitement and competitiveness to every lap.


The technology behind these electric karts is unparalleled, offering racers an immersive experience that challenges the traditional racing approach. By incorporating high-tech solutions, Combat Karts introduces a sustainable racing option that does not compromise on thrill or performance.

Beyond the racing track, the venue boosts its appeal with Sky Sports broadcasts on large HD screens and a newly enhanced bar menu, promising a comprehensive entertainment experience. This move aims to establish TeamSport Liverpool as a prime location for enjoying major sporting events, accompanied by a wide selection of food and drinks.

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