Stylo wowed attendees during an evening showcase that put the spotlight on their latest printing innovations. The event featured a stunning art gallery, lit up in a black light setting to emphasise the capabilities of their new QPrint technology. The artwork displayed captured an array of textures and movements, all printed using Stylo’s groundbreaking StyGlow neon inks.

Adding an extra layer of spectacle to the evening were guest performances by magician Jake Banfield and graffiti artist Luke Grant, enhancing the overall atmosphere and theatrics of the event.

Stylo Qprint Launch Event


The newly acquired QPrint stands as a testament to Stylo’s commitment to innovation in the print industry. With ten colour channels at its disposal, the machine allows two channels to be exclusively used for StyGlow Neon ink. The remaining channels provide a rich palette comprising of CMYK, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Varnish, and White.

Stylo Qprint Boasts Environmental Credentials

It prints to a size of 3240 × 2030mm and a roll width of 3200mm, with up to 50mm clearance allowing c to print to a wide range of substrates. It has strong environmental credentials – the machine runs off just 2.2kWh, equivalent to the average kettle, a first for such an industrial-sized printer.

“The QPrint aligns seamlessly with our ethos of ‘Always Innovating In Print.’ Launching it at Bounce, Old Street London, to an invited audience of designers and industry clients, made the event a huge success,” Simon Wheeler, Managing Director, Stylo

When it comes to innovation, quality and speed in graphics, QPrint has it all built into its DNA. The process can create eye-catching movement by adding a third dimension to the print process. Multi-layer ink printing allows for textured print, thick enough for braille and sufficiently detailed to replicate art masterpieces. Add spot varnish and you’ve got the full ticket.

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