Hoar Cross Hall will enhance its expansive spa offering with a new Spa Terrace, launching on 12th July. The new £3 million Spa Terrace will include a three-pool deck, a rustic sauna, and a relaxation room, as well as a lounge boasting a bar, cabanas, and fire pits.

This elevated spa offering will bring Hoar Cross Hall to the next level with an additional 2,000 sqm, providing guests with an unparalleled luxury experience. Combining state-of-the-art wellness facilities, rejuvenating treatments, and serene surroundings, the spa aims to create a haven of relaxation and indulgence. The Spa at Hoar Cross Hall is one of the largest in Europe, boasting award-winning spa facilities including a Nordic heat and ice suite, hydrotherapy pool, saltwater pool, aqua massage, detox centre, snooze room, sanctum, and relax zone.

Spa Terrace – Pool Deck

Experience rejuvenation at the Pool Deck, where wellness meets tranquility. The three large spa pools are heated to 38°C and are designed with built-in massage jets and relaxing benches to promote overall wellness. For those seeking a more invigorating experience, the cold tubs, made from aged whiskey barrels, provide temperatures as low as 0°C, triggering the release of endorphins to uplift and enhance relaxation.


Spa Terrace – Spa

Step into serenity at the Spa, featuring an outdoor dry stone-heated sauna that overlooks the pools. This sauna is designed to improve blood circulation, remove toxins, and relieve muscle cramps, making it a perfect retreat for overcoming fatigue. Complementing this is the Relax Room, equipped with eight adjustable relaxation beds, rustic timber features, dimmed lighting, and sheer curtains. This space offers a moment of reflection and stillness.

Spa Terrace – Lounge

Unwind in the new Lounge, a space that blends rustic charm with modern comfort. Featuring a striking 300-year-old olive tree and a suspended fireplace, guests can relax in an inviting and warm atmosphere. The Fire Pit area, overlooking the Spa Pools and Terrace, is perfect for chilly evenings with cosy blankets and cushions. Enjoy the seasonal cocktail menu at the Bar, which boasts reclaimed rustic tiles and a calming oak canopy setting. Guests can also spend time relaxing in the six exclusive cabanas with rustic cedar features and fabric canopies which provide a secluded oasis.