In the bustling locality of Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, Teavaro Global Brewhouse has opened its doors, revealing a 500 square feet modern tea sanctuary. This new branch, designed by The Melange Studio, stands as a testament to redefining the traditional tea experience, blending it seamlessly with contemporary influences to appeal to today’s urban tea enthusiasts.

Central to the design philosophy is the transformation of tea perception among young Indian consumers, steering away from the conventional chai image. The Melange Studio has ingeniously infused global and local essences, inspired by the transformative impact of Starbucks in India, to bring about a fresh perspective in tea consumption. The design embodies authenticity, cutting-edge innovation, and a trendy charm, aligning with the brand’s core values.

The architectural approach includes a unique amphitheatre-style outdoor seating, which greets visitors as they approach the teahouse. The vibrant façade, marked by circular designs and a mix of indoor and outdoor materials, sets the stage for an engaging experience. The interior, despite its modest size, feels spacious due to the high ceiling and abundant natural light, enhancing the connection to nature.


Inside, the décor resonates with the preferences of the millennial generation, showcasing arches, curves, and a color palette dominated by coral, spearmint green, and banana yellow. These elements blend harmoniously with various interior components, including fabrics and tile grouts. The grey terrazzo tile by FCML adds a touch of elegance, while bespoke square tiles create a sense of brand continuity from Teavaro’s earlier establishment.

The design’s success lies in its ability to make the space both inviting and reflective of modern luxury tea culture. This is achieved through a careful selection of materials like warm wood, cane, and brass, all contributing to a coherent and lively atmosphere. The minimalistic bar counter, adorned with brand signage and fluted details, enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

Teavaro Global Brewhouse’s latest venture is a hub for Gen-Z and Millennials, offering a tangible experience of the luxury tea culture often admired digitally. It transforms the concept of tea into a stylish, Instagram-worthy experience, bringing global tea culture right into the local neighbourhood. This outlet is not just a place for tea lovers but a symbol of how traditional beverages can be reimagined for the modern, digital age.

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