Set against the backdrop of the North Ari Atoll’s remarkable house reefs, W Maldives—the distinguished luxury retreat—is preparing for its eagerly anticipated second round of the WHAT SHE SHAKES series on June 30, 2023. The event takes centre stage at the SIP Bar and stars the gifted Laura Prabowo, the driving force behind Penicillin, hailed as one of Asia’s 50 Best Sustainable Bars in 2021.

As part of the event, Prabowo will serve up an exquisite quartet of cocktails that encapsulate her professional journey. Each drink, a vibrant testament to her progression and personal story, invites guests to savour her legacy in the world of mixology. Of these, a standout concoction—dubbed “Her Legacy”—was crafted in partnership with W Maldives, merging Prabowo’s characteristic flair with the bar’s sophisticated ambiance and the breathtaking Maldivian landscape. Even after her departure, this signature drink will remain available for guests to enjoy for a limited period.

Laura Prabowo
Laura Prabowo

Boasting a rich career spanning over ten years, Prabowo has been showered with commendations, including the No. 2 Woman Flair Bartender, Jakarta Best Bar Personality, and LKF Street Cocktail Competition, among others. W Maldives’ WHAT SHE SHAKES series offers the perfect stage for such a seasoned mixologist. The series, part of the TASTE initiative, serves to highlight female talent in the industry and uphold the brand’s dedication to environmental sustainability.


Excited for Prabowo’s visit, Idu Ribeiro, General Manager of W Maldives, shared, “Laura’s creativity and skill make her an ideal fit for WHAT SHE SHAKES. We’re eager to deliver a meaningful and inspiring experience for our guests. In our quest to elevate our food and beverage offerings, this series allows us to highlight our cocktail culture and the female talent powering the world’s top bars.”

On her impending journey to the Maldives and her collaboration with W Maldives, Prabowo added, “I’m excited about the opportunity to incorporate the enchanting spirit of this dream destination into my cocktails, leaving a legacy at W Maldives for all to enjoy. This is a unique opportunity for me, and I hope that the guests will be as inspired by these meticulously curated cocktails as I am.”

The 2023 WHAT SHE SHAKES series holds promise of a sensational event, with Prabowo’s exceptional vision and skill leading the charge, cementing the series as a fundamental part of the W Maldives experience.