The London Restaurant Festival (LRF), backed by American Express, will make its grand return in June 2024, offering a month-long celebration of London’s dynamic culinary scene. This year, the festival features over 50 events, showcasing a wide range of experiences from tasting menus at some of London’s most coveted restaurants to events highlighting emerging culinary talents and innovative dining concepts.

The festival is organized into two categories: ‘Classic’ and ‘Trending’. The ‘Classic’ events focus on the traditional aspects of London’s dining scene, while the ‘Trending’ category celebrates contemporary and popular culinary trends.

Trending Events: The ‘Trending’ events kick off with the ‘Food Fest’ on 31 May at Vinegar Yard near London Bridge. This event partners with Yum Bug to offer a unique sustainable dining option featuring edible insects. The festival will feature popular vendors like Baba G’s and the newly opened Untitled Sandwich Shop by Bad Boy Pizza. Tickets are priced at £16, which includes two dishes, a dessert, and a beer from BrewDog.


Other ‘Trending’ highlights include ‘Restaurant-Hopping Tours’ across four venues in one evening, and ‘Neighbourhood Nights’, which promotes local dining in zones 2 and 3 at spots like The Laundry in Brixton, Noci in Islington, and London Shell Co in Hampstead.

Classic Events: ‘Classic’ events will feature the ‘Top Ten Cuisines’ series, where top chefs such as Florence Mae Maglanoc and Avi Shashidara showcase their culinary specialties in venues like Donia and Pahli Hill. A welcome glass of Champagne Henriot accompanies a bespoke four-course menu.

The ‘Tasting Menu’ events provide diners the opportunity to experience bespoke menus at renowned locations such as Theo Randall at the InterContinental and Ekstedt at The Yard, paired with wines from D.O. Rueda.

Festival Highlights and OpenTable Partnership: The festival also includes ‘Festival Highlights’ like a pasta masterclass at Emilia’s Crafted Pasta and unique dining experiences at the National Theatre and Lasdun. The booking platform OpenTable will feature over 180 exclusive menus, ranging from high-end tasting menus to affordable set menus, available throughout the festival period.

Exclusive Events for Amex Premium Cardmembers: Amex Premium Cardmembers have exclusive access to events like ‘The Gastronomic Staycation’ at The Londoner Hotel, ‘Champagne Gourmet Odysseys’, and ‘The New Stars’, showcasing restaurants recently awarded their first Michelin stars.

The festival also introduces ‘Cutting Edge Cuisines’, focusing on emerging global culinary trends with chefs like Kerth Gumbs and Woongchul Park, and ‘A Tale of Two Stars’, featuring bespoke menus from two Michelin-starred restaurants.

Bistro Revival and Other Premium Experiences: 2024 introduces ‘Bistro Revival’, celebrating traditional hospitality with establishments like Bistro Freddie and Josephine Bouchon. The festival promises a series of experiences that echo the charm of Parisian bistros.

Chris Wright, Managing Partner of LRF, sums up the festival’s ethos: “London Restaurant Festival offers something for all foodies, and adapts to the ever-evolving trends. Much of London’s restaurant scene now is a much less formal, more convivial experience and LRF embraces this.”

The 16th year of the LRF continues to highlight the excellence and diversity of London’s restaurant scene, celebrating culinary innovation and the joy of dining out.

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