DesignLSM, a leading multidisciplinary design agency, has announced its latest collaboration with The Alchemist, a brand known for its immersive cocktail experiences. The partnership aims to launch a new venue in London’s Victoria this month, promising a dynamic drinking and dining destination set to make its mark on the capital’s hospitality scene.

Following the success of the 2022 redesign for The Alchemist’s Manchester Spinningfields location, DesignLSM has further refined the brand’s identity, introducing a design narrative inspired by cosmic alchemy. This concept is influenced by humanity’s longstanding curiosity about our origins and the universe’s vast expanse. The new design draws particular inspiration from the local Victorian era, a time of significant scientific advancements.

The bar’s design pays tribute to the era’s groundbreaking discovery of parallax, a method for measuring and mapping the stars, which offered a new perspective on the cosmos as a three-dimensional space. This theme of perspective and illusion is cleverly integrated throughout the venue.


Guests entering the bar will be greeted by an enchanting entrance tunnel, designed to resemble a celestial portal. This passage, illuminated by dramatic lighting, invites patrons into a space where time and space blend seamlessly.

At the venue’s core, the central bar, highlighted by a symmetrical arched lighting feature, adds a theatrical element to the atmosphere, set against a backdrop of dark hues, vibrant colour bursts, and metallic finishes. The walls feature mesmerizing projection artwork on mesh and mirror surfaces, creating an interplay of light and shadow that evokes the night sky. Celestial motifs, solar phenomena, and space-inspired lighting add subtle astronomical references, while intimate seating alcoves, luxurious materials, and curved forms bring an element of glamour to the setting.

As the final touches are applied, The Alchemist’s new London Victoria site is set to become a key player in the city’s bustling hospitality scene, promising unique cocktails, emerging DJs, and an unparalleled ambiance.

DesignLSM’s portfolio with The Alchemist includes re-designs in Manchester (Spinningfields, New York Street, and MediaCity), Newcastle, and Oxford. The firm plans to incorporate The Alchemist’s evolved design narrative into three more locations this year, each with a unique identity, starting with the Victoria venue.

Jenny McPhee, The Alchemist Brand Director, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership: “We’ve loved working with DesignLSM on refreshing our existing venues across the UK. DesignLSM have fully grasped our celestial redesign and been incredible collaborators, so it was inevitable that we would work together in bringing our vision to life in our London Victoria venue.”

The collaboration between DesignLSM and The Alchemist in London Victoria is a testament to the power of creative partnership in transforming spaces into captivating experiences.

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