YoooGroup launch ‘Bla bla’, a new café concept for business parks, with three sites in the pipeline in Weybridge, Woking and Bracknell, and ambition to open 5 sites by the end of 2023.

In line with YoooGroup’s ambition for supporting health and wellbeing for all, ‘Bla bla’ will provide business park users and employees with a healthy, regularly changing menu along with own blend coffee. Providing a one-shop catering solution for business parks that are notoriously under catered for.


Benjamin Willmore, Founder of YoooGroup comments: “Business Parks are in need of a drastic shake up, the market has changed – quality is in demand. We are supporting landlords in the transformation of business parks, with YoooServ we are creating flexible workspaces with tech-led gyms, bars and quality catering – but we want to go further which is why we’ve launched Bla bla. This will be a stand-alone brand which will be open to all, we want to roll these out across business parks in the UK – we have 3 sites in the pipeline with ambitions to have 6 open by the end of next year.”

“Service is at the centre of what we do at YoooGroup, Bla bla will rejuvenate the offer in business parks. Long gone are uninspiring cardboard sandwiches, we’ll be working with the catering team to revive lunch making meals people want to eat and that support health and wellbeing through quality ingredients.”

For more information visit: https://blablacafe.co.uk/ or contact 01392366333