A recent study on workplace satisfaction in the UK has highlighted the travel and tourism industry as one of the happiest sectors for workers in 2024. The Career Happiness Index, conducted by The Futures Group, analyzed various factors contributing to job satisfaction across different sectors, revealing interesting insights into the current state of the UK workforce.

The study, which examined Glassdoor data on aspects such as culture, diversity, work/life balance, senior leadership, compensation, and career development, identified travel and tourism as the third most satisfying industry to work in. This sector trailed behind healthcare and legal but ranked above building and construction, and hospitality, indicating a significant positive perception among its professionals.

One of the standout findings from the report is the travel and tourism sector’s commendable scores in diversity and inclusion, as well as work/life balance. This suggests a shift away from the traditional focus on compensation as the primary driver of job satisfaction, underscoring the importance of a supportive and inclusive work environment.


The index further detailed the average satisfaction scores across various industries, with travel and tourism achieving a score of 68.8 out of 100. This comparison highlights the sector’s competitive edge in fostering a happy and inclusive workplace.

Amid the challenges posed by the cost-of-living crisis, the report also touches on the phenomenon of the “Great Unretirement,” where individuals are reconsidering early retirement options and returning to the workforce. This trend underscores the critical role of career satisfaction and workplace happiness in such decisions.

Amanda Payne, Director of Operations at The Futures Group, reflected on the importance of career happiness, stating, “A fulfilling career is more than the tasks we perform; it’s about creating an environment where individuals can thrive, grow, and find joy in their daily endeavours. This not only enhances personal satisfaction but also contributes significantly to overall workplace dynamics.”

Payne further emphasized the role of the Career Happiness Index in encouraging individuals and businesses to assess and improve career satisfaction. She also highlighted the significant representation of women in the travel and tourism workforce and their positive impact on the sector’s diversity and inclusion scores.

The Futures Group’s Career Happiness Index serves as a valuable resource for those looking to understand and enhance their work-life balance and career satisfaction. For more insights and practical advice, the full index can be viewed at The Futures Group.